Portrait of the Actor Isidro Meiquez (1807) by Francisco Goya

Portrait of the Actor Isidro Meiquez - Francisco Goya - 1807

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of the Actor Isidro Meiquez
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Art MovementRomanticism

About Portrait of the Actor Isidro Meiquez

The artwork titled “Portrait of the Actor Isidro Meiquez” is a creation by the acclaimed artist Francisco Goya, dating back to the year 1807. It belongs to the Romanticism movement and is categorized as a portrait. This distinguished piece captures the semblance of the actor Isidro Meiquez, reflecting the artistic conventions and emotional expressions characteristic of Romanticism.

The artwork portrays the subject with a direct and engaging gaze, a feature that invites interaction between the viewer and the portrayed individual. Meiquez is displayed against a muted, understated background, which serves to highlight his figure and facial features. The color palette employed by Goya is relatively subdued, yet rich in the rendering of the subject’s attire and countenance. There’s a fluidity and softness to the brushstrokes, particularly evident in the treatment of the subject’s hair and the delicate cravat that adorns his neck. The attire suggests a sense of sophistication and possibly reflects the fashion of the time.

Overall, Goya’s masterful approach to this portrait resonates with the essence of Romanticism, focusing on the emotional depth and individuality of the subject, rather than the strict representation often found in the works of earlier periods.

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