Portrait Of The Dancer Alexander Sacharoff (1909) by Alexei Jawlensky

Portrait Of The Dancer Alexander Sacharoff - Alexei Jawlensky - 1909

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait Of The Dancer Alexander Sacharoff
ArtistAlexei Jawlensky
MediumOil On Cardboard
Dimensions27 3/8 x 26 1/8 in. (69.5 x 66.5 cm)
Current LocationLenbachhaus, Munich

About Portrait Of The Dancer Alexander Sacharoff

Alexei Jawlensky’s 1909 painting, Portrait of the Dancer Alexander Sacharoff, is a stunning example of expressionist art. The portrait depicts Russian dancer Alexander Sacharoff in a stylized manner that emphasizes his striking features and expressive movements.

Jawlensky has used bold, bright colors to capture the fluidity and dynamism of the dancer’s movements. His angular shapes and lines add an element of tension to the composition, suggesting the dancer’s energy and intensity. Sacharoff is shown with his eyes closed, almost lost in concentration; this adds an introspective quality to the painting.

Alexander Sacharoff was one half of a famous dancing duo with his wife, Hilde Holger. Their performances were known for being experimental and unconventional; Jawlensky’s portrait reflects this same spirit of innovation by pushing the boundaries of traditional portraiture.

Today, Portrait of the Dancer Alexander Sacharoff is considered an important work in art history due to its groundbreaking use of color and form to capture movement and emotion. It remains a testament to both Jawlensky’s skill as an artist and Sacharoff’s enduring legacy as a performer who helped shape modern dance.

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