Portrait of the Lawyer Vladimir Spasovitch (1891) by Ilya Repin

Portrait of the Lawyer Vladimir Spasovitch - Ilya Repin - 1891

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of the Lawyer Vladimir Spasovitch
ArtistIlya Repin
Dimensions94 x 76 cm
Art MovementRealism

About Portrait of the Lawyer Vladimir Spasovitch

The artwork “Portrait of the Lawyer Vladimir Spasovitch” was created by the artist Ilya Repin in 1891. This oil on canvas portrait exemplifies the Realism art movement, capturing the subject with striking authenticity and meticulous detail. The piece measures 94 by 76 cm and falls within the genre of portraiture, whereby the essence and character of the individual are communicated through the painter’s skilled use of the medium.

In the artwork, the subject is depicted with a commanding presence, directly engaging with the viewer through an intense, forward-facing gaze. The lawyer, Vladimir Spasovitch, is represented in what appears to be a moment of conversation, further emphasized by his gesturing hand. His facial expression is one of confidence and intellect, characterized by sharp eyes behind glasses and a mustache that frames his mouth. The attire of the subject is formal, with a dark jacket and a white shirt that accentuates his professional demeanor.

Ilya Repin has masterfully utilized light and shadow to enhance the three-dimensionality of the figure, creating a sense of volume and depth. The skillful brushwork is evident, with textures varying from the smoothness of the skin to the fabric of the clothing. The background is left relatively nondescript, ensuring that the focus of the portrait remains on the figure of Spasovitch. An air of dignity and poise emanates from the canvas, a testament to Repin’s ability to convey the essence of his sitters.

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