Portrait of the R.G. Sudkovskiy by Alexei Korzukhin

Portrait of the R.G. Sudkovskiy - Alexei Korzukhin -

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of the R.G. Sudkovskiy
ArtistAlexei Korzukhin
Art MovementRealism
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About Portrait of the R.G. Sudkovskiy

Portrait of the R.G. Sudkovskiy is a striking oil painting by the Russian genre painter, Alexei Korzukhin. Born in 1835, Korzukhin was known for his exceptional ability to capture human emotions and everyday life in his artworks. The portrait depicts Rufin Gavrilovich Sudkovsky, a renowned Imperial landscape painter, and naval/maritime scenes specialist.

Korzukhin’s use of bold brush strokes and vivid colors creates a sense of depth and realism in the painting that draws viewers towards it. Sudkovsky’s facial expression is stern yet reflective, capturing his immense talent as an artist. This piece showcases Korzukhin’s mastery of portraiture through the attention to detail given to Sudkovsky’s attire and pose. The Portrait of the R.G. Sudkovskiy was auctioned for up to $266,500 USD which is indicative of its value within the art world.

Some other notable works by Korzukhin include Peasant Girls in the Forest, Commemoration on a Rural Cemetery, and The Bird’s Enemies. Overall, this stunning portrait painting by Alexei Korzukhin serves as an important example of his technical skill as an artist who captured both historical significance as well as personal character through portraiture.

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