Portrait of Wilhelm Uhde (1910) by Pablo Picasso

Portrait of Wilhelm Uhde - Pablo Picasso - 1910

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of Wilhelm Uhde
ArtistPablo Picasso
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions81 x 60 cm
Art MovementAnalytical Cubism
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Portrait of Wilhelm Uhde

Pablo Picasso’s Portrait Of Wilhelm Uhde is an iconic work of art in the Cubist movement depicting himself as an artist. Picasso was married to Wilhelm Uhde, and the couple marked one of his most famous works. This portrait exemplifies the impact that their relationship had on his career and development as an artist. Further, Picasso was highly influenced by C├ęzanne, which can be seen in this artwork. The painting also showcases elements of American art, making it an example of one of the most innovative movements of early modernism.

Portrait Of Manuel Pallares is another notable artwork by Pablo Picasso. It depicts Manuel Pallares, a Spanish athlete whom he befriended while they were both living in Paris. Through this painting, Picasso captures the likeness and personality of Manuel beautifully and with detail, showing his command over the geometric forms used in Cubism and exploration into abstract composition. As with Portrait Of Wilhelm Uhde, this painting stands out for its creative integration of Western tradition with modern art styles and continues to be widely celebrated for its captivating effect on viewers.

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