Portrait Surrounded By Artistic Devices (1965) by David Hockney

Portrait Surrounded By Artistic Devices - 1965 - by David Hockney

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait Surrounded By Artistic Devices
ArtistDavid Hockney
MediumAcrylic On Canvas
Dimensions60 x 72 in. (153 x 183 cm)
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About Portrait Surrounded By Artistic Devices

Portrait Surrounded by Artistic Devices is a remarkable painting by David Hockney from 1965. The sitter in the painting is Kenneth, Hockney’s father; however, the portrait has been presented with various artistic devices and conventions from Renaissance to late modernism. As one of the early adopters of acrylic paint, Hockney uniquely used bold colors and patterns in his work.

Stapled to Hockney’s studio wall, this painting can be considered a visual anthology comprising Matisse-like blocks of pure color – an illusionary technique used by Hockney to bring out multiple layers of meaning in his artwork. The piece showcases a range of geometric shapes blended with vivid colors that appear like they are under observation through optical perspectives.

This masterpiece was included in an exhibition showcasing the works from the 60s and 70s – a remarkable period for art enthusiasts as it brought out some of the world’s most admirable talent pieces up until now. Portrait Surrounded by Artistic Devices continues to impress art experts today because it serves as an interpretation guide between classic and modern techniques that have created an existing impact on contemporary creativity.

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