Portrait Surrounded By Artistic Devices (1965) by David Hockney

Portrait Surrounded By Artistic Devices - David Hockney - 1965

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait Surrounded By Artistic Devices
ArtistDavid Hockney
MediumAcrylic On Canvas
Dimensions60 x 72 in. (153 x 183 cm)

About Portrait Surrounded By Artistic Devices

“Portrait Surrounded By Artistic Devices” is an artwork by David Hockney, painted in 1965. This acrylic on canvas painting measures 60 x 72 inches (153 x 183 cm). It showcases Hockney’s distinctive style, which often includes a playful combination of realism and abstract elements.

The artwork features a juxtaposition of various elements and textures, centered around a realistic grayscale portrait of a man, possibly a figure of significance in Hockney’s life or a character of interest. The man appears contemplative, holding an object in his hand, which might be a piece of the geometric shapes piled in front of him. The background is abstract, with a range of shapes and colors including a series of vertical elements resembling trees or posts, and bold, flat areas of color that frame the composition. An orange line cuts across the scene, while a large brown shape drips with paint, interrupting the space and adding to the sense of a constructed, almost collage-like landscape. The color palette is varied, with the use of pastel pink and green as well as vibrant orange and blue, giving the painting a dreamlike and surrealist quality.

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