Pregnant Woman And Death (1911) by Egon Schiele

Pregnant Woman And Death - 1911 - by Egon Schiele

Artwork Information

TitlePregnant Woman And Death
ArtistEgon Schiele
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions100 x 100 cm

About Pregnant Woman And Death

Egon Schiele’s oil on canvas painting, titled “Pregnant Woman and Death,” was created in 1911 during the Expressionist movement. The genre of this symbolic painting is a representation of Schiele’s tragic childhood experience. The painting depicts both death and pregnancy simultaneously with a pregnant woman lying prone next to the figure of death who appears to be leaning over her.

Schiele used ochre and brown hues in this painting, which reflects his raw and intense sexuality often present in his other works. Despite being controversial for its erotic and disturbing nature, Schiele painted more than 300 paintings as well as thousands of drawings.

Sadly, Schiele died at the young age of 28 due to Spanish Flu. He often painted self-portraits including nude ones like this one portraying himself without any clothes on an almost weekly basis.

Considered a key figure in Austrian Expressionism, Egon Schiele’s works are noteworthy for their emotional intensity, striking symbolism, and raw untamed sexuality produced by non-naturalistic colors and disfiguration.

Overall, Schiele’s “Pregnant Woman And Death” artwork is a powerful representation of the pain that can come with childbirth while still shining through with beauty.

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