Present Moment: Elegance (2022) by Kathleen Rhee

Present Moment: Elegance - Kathleen Rhee - 2022

Artwork Information

TitlePresent Moment: Elegance
ArtistKathleen Rhee
MediumAcrylic on Canvas
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About Present Moment: Elegance

“Present Moment: Elegance” is an abstract artwork created by Kathleen Rhee in the year 2022. It is an acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 34.6 by 59.4 inches. The artwork belongs to the genre of abstract art and aligns with the minimalist movement, characterized by a reduction of form and a focus on the essentials of composition.

The artwork exudes a sense of calm and simplicity through its minimalistic approach. Broad, expressive strokes of pink and shades of magenta dominate the canvas, creating a vibrant yet harmonious field of color. The top section of the canvas is occupied by a lighter, almost ethereal pink, which gently merges into the bolder, more saturated pink hues below. Subtle nuances in the application of paint, including areas of transparency and density, create depth and texture within the overall monochromatic scheme.

There is an evident horizontal linearity to the composition, suggesting a landscape or horizon, yet it resists being tied to any specific visual reference, allowing the viewer to interpret the space within their own emotional and perceptual context. The painting engages with the principles of minimalism through its restrained palette and the absence of superfluous elements, directing the viewer’s attention to the pure visual and emotional impact of color and form.

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