Presentation Of The Virgin In The Temple (c. 1467) by Fra Carnevale (bartolomeo Corradini)

Presentation Of The Virgin In The Temple - c

Artwork Information

TitlePresentation Of The Virgin In The Temple
ArtistFra Carnevale (bartolomeo Corradini)
Datec. 1467
MediumOil And Tempera On Panel
Dimensions57 5/8 x 38 in.
Current LocationMuseum Of Fine Arts, Boston
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About Presentation Of The Virgin In The Temple

Fra Carnevale’s Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple, painted in 1467, is a masterpiece that showcases many hallmarks of Renaissance painting. The work depicts an event from Mary’s youth, when she was presented to the temple by her parents. The painting is now housed at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and shows Fra Carnevale’s skillful use of ancient Roman architecture and sculpture, as well as new science of linear perspective.

Although there are two panels virtually the same size depicting scenes constructed on precisely mirror-image perspective grid, which are disputing scholars have attributed to Fra Carnevale correctly. The Panel titled Birth of the Virgin and Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple are currently housed in part in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum. This epic work features a little girl in the foreground who is believed to be someone that commissioned the artwork.

Fra Carnevale uses innovative techniques such as linear perspective to create an illusionary depth in his painting. His ability to capture realism is exceptional given this period’s style composition. His Presentation Of The Virgin In The Temple represents a high point for Florentine Renaissance art with many layers and meanings hidden within its form encouraging scholarship long after completion both from himself and other artists alike.

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