Price Baltasar Carlos (1632) by Diego Velazquez

Price Baltasar Carlos - Diego Velazquez - 1632

Artwork Information

TitlePrice Baltasar Carlos
ArtistDiego Velazquez
Art MovementBaroque

About Price Baltasar Carlos

The artwork, titled “Prince Baltasar Carlos,” is an oil on canvas painting created in 1632 by the esteemed Baroque artist Diego Velazquez. This portrait is notable for its exquisite craftsmanship and historical significance as it depicts the young Spanish prince of the time. The Baroque movement, to which this piece belongs, is characterized by its dramatic use of light and shadow, elaborate detail, and a focus on realism and emotion, all of which are evident in Velazquez’s rendering of the young royal.

In the artwork, Prince Baltasar Carlos is portrayed with an air of youthful innocence and regality. His stance is confident yet at ease, and he is dressed in a richly embellished costume that epitomizes the opulent fashion of the Spanish court. The attire includes a magnificent silvery-gold doublet adorned with patterns, lace collar, and sleeves that are meticulously rendered, reflecting Velazquez’s attention to texture and detail. A striking red sash adds a vibrant contrast to the muted tones of the doublet and breeches.

Beside the prince stands a loyal companion, a small dog with a lush, curly coat. The canine sits upon a draped cloth, which adds depth and a sense of dimension to the composition. The animal’s presence not only contributes to the perception of the prince’s status but also introduces a personal and intimate element to the portrait, suggesting warmth and companionship.

The background is subdued, with heavy drapery suggesting a privatized, noble setting, allowing the viewer to focus on the Prince’s figure and the luxurious details of his attire. The skillful use of lighting by Velazquez accentuates the young prince’s cherubic features, highlighting his cheeks and the soft curls of his hair, infusing the portrait with life and a tender humanity that resonates through the ages.

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