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TitlePriene, Theater
ArtistGreek Art

About Priene, Theater

Located in southwestern Turkey, Priene is an ancient Greek city that is home to one of the best-preserved and earliest forms of Hellenistic theater constructions in Turkey. The horseshoe-shaped theater at Priene was built using the Doric architectural order and featured half-columns engaged to rectangular piers. Seating in the auditorium was greater than a semi-circle and had stone parodos walls. The ruins of the skene (stage) building can still be seen at Priene.

The theater at Priene is particularly noteworthy because it corresponds almost exactly to Vitruvius’ description of a Greek theater. As with other Greek theaters, it consisted of three main parts: the seating area (theatron), a circular space for the chorus to perform (orchestra), and the stage (skene).

While there are other important ancient sites in the area, including Miletus and Ephesus, none quite compare to Priene’s well-preserved Hellenistic theater construction. Visit this awe-inspiring site to get an up-close view of how Greeks constructed their theaters thousands of years ago; it will take you back in time!

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