Primavera (c. 1482) by Sandro Botticelli

Primavera - Botticelli, Sandro - c

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Artwork Information

ArtistSandro Botticelli
Date1478 - 1482
MediumTempera on Panel
Dimensions314 x 203 cm
Art MovementEarly Renaissance
Current LocationUffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy
Location Created Florence, Italy
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About Primavera

Primavera is a painting created by Sandro Botticelli around 1480, commissioned by the powerful Medici family for the marriage of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco. The painting features nine figures in a lush landscape surrounded by orange trees and other vegetation. It is considered a masterpiece of Florentine Renaissance art and is often discussed in conjunction with Botticelli’s other mythological work, The Birth of Venus.

The exact meaning of the painting remains uncertain, but it is widely believed to represent the arrival of spring and the renewal of life. The figures in the painting include Mercury, Venus, Cupid, and Flora, among others, and they are all richly detailed and painted with great care. Primavera is characterized by its vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and delicate details, all of which contribute to its appeal as a work of art.

Botticelli’s Primavera is widely regarded as an important cultural artifact, representative of the humanist spirit of the Renaissance. Its themes of rebirth and renewal continue to resonate with viewers today, nearly 600 years after its creation. In summary, Primavera is a beautifully painted masterpiece of the Florentine Renaissance, depicting the arrival of spring and the renewal of life.

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