Prizewinning World War I patriotic poster (1919; United States) by Edward Hopper

Prizewinning World War I patriotic poster - Edward Hopper - 1919; United States

Artwork Information

TitlePrizewinning World War I patriotic poster
ArtistEdward Hopper
Date1919; United States
Art MovementNew Realism

About Prizewinning World War I patriotic poster

The artwork in question is a patriotic poster created by Edward Hopper in 1919, entitled “Prizewinning World War I patriotic poster.” The artwork originates from the United States and is associated with the New Realism art movement. As a genre, this piece is categorized as a poster.

Unfortunately, I am unable to verify the provided information because Edward Hopper is primarily known as a realist painter, and his involvement with prizewinning World War I patriotic posters is not well-documented in my existing knowledge.

The image depicts a man in a workman’s attire wielding a sledgehammer, captured in mid-swing against a backdrop of industrial imagery with stark shadows and angular shapes. The text “The Morse Dial February 1919” appears at the top, indicating the image may have been a cover or an illustration for a publication from that period. Edward Hopper’s signature is visible at the bottom left, confirming his authorship of the image. The color palette is limited, featuring shades of blue, white, and touches of orange, emphasizing the poster’s dramatic and bold design.

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