Putting a Propagandist Under Arrest (1878) by Ilya Repin

Putting a Propagandist Under Arrest - Ilya Repin - 1878

Artwork Information

TitlePutting a Propagandist Under Arrest
ArtistIlya Repin
Art MovementRealism

About Putting a Propagandist Under Arrest

The artwork entitled “Putting a Propagandist Under Arrest” is a genre painting by the artist Ilya Repin, created in the year 1878. This work, executed in the Realism style, reflects the aforementioned art movement’s focus on depicting everyday life and societal issues.

Within the artwork, one can observe a dimly lit interior scene crowded with various figures that convey a sense of tension and apprehension. In the foreground, a central male figure stands with a resolute expression, seemingly the subject of the painting’s titleā€”a propagandist being arrested. His attire, which includes a red waistcoat and dark coat, contrasts with the rabble of faces and forms around him, highlighting his significance within the scene. Amid the chaos, papers and belongings are strewn across the floor, which may suggest a search or disruption that has taken place.

Other characters include individuals who appear concerned, curious, and in some cases, distressed by the unfolding action. Notably, a woman in the crowd is partially turned towards the viewer, her face marked by worry or shock. A seated man near the right edge of the artwork, either an official or another figure of authority, observes the central figure with discernment.

Repin’s attention to the human condition and the political climate of his time is evident through the varied expressions and postures of the people depicted. The artwork captures a specific and charged moment, rendering with great detail the emotional and social complexities of an arrest within a community, indicative of the artist’s engagement with the social narratives of his time.

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