Quarry (1495 – 1496) by Albrecht Durer

Quarry - Albrecht Durer - 1495 - 1496

Artwork Information

ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Date1495 - 1496
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationKunsthalle Bremen, Bremen, Germany

About Quarry

The artwork “Quarry” by Albrecht Dürer, dated between 1495 and 1496, is a part of the Northern Renaissance art movement. Dürer, a renowned figure of this era, created this landscape genre piece which currently resides in the Kunsthalle Bremen in Germany.

“Quarry” is a monochromatic drawing that exhibits the intricate detail and skilled draftsmanship characteristic of Dürer’s work. The composition of the scene is a richly textured portrayal of a rocky landscape, with clusters of trees and foliage surrounding what appears to be a quarry or rocky outcrop. Dominating the foreground are detailed sketches of rocks and grass. Though the work is predominantly made up of pen lines, it captures a variety of textures and natural elements that give the scene a lifelike depth. The perspective leads the viewer’s eye from the detailed front, zigzagging through the middle ground, and upwards into the tall trees. Attention to naturalism and the accurate depiction of geological features reflect the Northern Renaissance’s emphasis on observation and the study of the natural world. The lightly sketched clouds hovering above the trees add to the atmospheric perspective, enhancing the sense of depth and space within the landscape.

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