Que Se Rompe La Cuerda! (c. 1815) by Francisco Goya

Que Se Rompe La Cuerda! - Francisco Goya - c. 1815

Artwork Information

TitleQue Se Rompe La Cuerda!
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Datec. 1815
MediumEtching With Aquatint
Dimensions17.5 x 22 cm

About Que Se Rompe La Cuerda!

Que Se Rompe La Cuerda! is an etching part of Francisco Goya’s series called “Los Desastres de la Guerra.” It was published by the Real Academia de Nobles Artes de San Fernando in Madrid in 1863. This print belongs to the final group in “Los Desastres de la Guerra,” the caprichos enfáticos, which highlights social and political chaos caused by war.

The central figure is a common theme seen throughout “Los Desastres de la Guerra.” In this particular etching, we see a person with outstretched limbs, giving the impression that they are struggling or falling. The title “Que Se Rompe La Cuerda!” translates to “The rope breaks!” which could suggest that there was an attempt to hold onto something but it failed.

The piece measures 6 7/8 × 8 11/16 inches and features intricate details created through various techniques such as etching, burnished aquatint or lavis, drypoint, and burnisher. The use of these techniques demonstrates Goya’s mastery of printmaking. Overall, “Que Se Rompe La Cuerda!” captures the devastation caused by war and showcases Goya’s ability to convey complex emotions through his work.

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