Queen Isabel (1632) by Diego Velazquez

Queen Isabel - Diego Velazquez - 1632

Artwork Information

TitleQueen Isabel
ArtistDiego Velazquez
Dimensions132 x 101.5 cm

About Queen Isabel

Diego Velázquez’s ‘Queen Isabel, Standing’ is a prominent Baroque-style painting that portrays Queen Isabel of Bourbon in full length. The 17th-century oil portrait has drapery incorporated into the painting, further emphasizing the queen’s regal appearance. This iconic piece is a testament to Velázquez’s genius and technical mastery as an artist.

One of the notable aspects of this painting is that it breaks away from typical formal royal portraits. Rather than depicting a rigid and emotionless queen, Velázquez captures Queen Isabel with a more relaxed and natural pose. Her body language exudes confidence and power while still appearing approachable to viewers.

Velázquez’s expertise in capturing light and shadow can be observed through his meticulous use of colours on the queen’s dress, veil and lace collar. The details on each strand of hair was also mastered with great attention to realism.

Overall, ‘Queen Isabel, Standing’ remains an important piece in the visual art database today for its exquisite depiction of one of Spain’s most powerful queens during the 17th-century era.

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