Queen Isabel, Standing (1631 – 1632) by Diego Velazquez

Queen Isabel, Standing - Diego Velazquez - 1631 - 1632

Artwork Information

TitleQueen Isabel, Standing
ArtistDiego Velazquez
Date1631 - 1632
Dimensions207 x 119 cm
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Queen Isabel, Standing

“Queen Isabel, Standing” is a notable artwork by the renowned artist Diego Velazquez, crafted between the years 1631 and 1632. The medium utilized for this piece is oil on canvas, a common choice during the Baroque period, to which the art movement of this work belongs. The dimensions of the artwork are quite substantial, measuring 207 by 119 centimeters. It is a portrait, a genre that Velazquez excelled in, and currently, this painting is held in a private collection.

The artwork is a full-length representation of Queen Isabel, exuding the elegance and regality befitting her royal status. She stands poised with her hand resting on the back of a chair, a sign of her dignified position. The queen’s attire is richly decorated with elaborate patterns and embroidery, hinting at the opulence of the Baroque era. Her garments are adorned with what appears to be intricate lace and luxurious fabrics, reflecting the high fashion of 17th-century aristocracy.

Her facial expression conveys a sense of solemnity and grace, as she gazes outward with a measured look, possibly commanding respect and attention. The backdrop of the portrait features a draped curtain, which may symbolize the prestige of the throne and the secluded environment that royalty often occupies. The dark tones of her attire stand out against the lighter background, emphasizing her figure and royal bearing.

In summary, the artwork captures the majesty of Queen Isabel, immortalized with Velazquez’s masterful painting techniques. Through the rich textures and meticulously detailed clothing, the portrait defines the height of Baroque portraiture and is a testament to the artist’s skill in presenting figures of high status with dignity and poise.

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