Queen María Luisa Wearing a Mantilla (1799) by Francisco Goya

Queen María Luisa Wearing a Mantilla - Francisco Goya - 1799

Artwork Information

TitleQueen María Luisa Wearing a Mantilla
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions210 x 130 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationPalacio Real de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

About Queen María Luisa Wearing a Mantilla

“Queen María Luisa Wearing a Mantilla” is a striking artwork created by the illustrious Spanish artist Francisco Goya in 1799, depicting a portrait of regal elegance and grace. This oil painting on canvas is a manifestation of the Romanticism art movement, indicative of the era’s emphasis on emotion and individualism. The dimensions of the artwork are substantial, measuring 210 by 130 centimeters. As a portrait, it offers a detailed representation of its subject, set against a backdrop that enhances the figure’s prominence. “Queen María Luisa Wearing a Mantilla” resides in the Palacio Real de Madrid, Spain, where it continues to be admired for its historical and artistic significance.

The artwork showcases Queen María Luisa garbed in a traditional black mantilla, with an elaborate lace design that overlays her gown, revealing the intricacies of Spanish fashion during the period. Her attire is complemented by ornate jewelry and accoutrements that signify her royal status. Goya deftly captures the essence of the Queen’s demeanor; she exudes confidence and self-assuredness, a slight smile playing upon her lips. The brushwork reveals the skillful play of light and shadow, demonstrating Goya’s expertise in rendering textures and facial features with a realism that was ahead of his time. The portrait, while elegant, also conveys a sense of approachability and warmth that adds depth to the subject’s character. This combination of technical prowess and emotive portrayal makes “Queen María Luisa Wearing a Mantilla” a distinguished piece in the oeuvre of Francisco Goya and a valuable contribution to the Romanticism movement.

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