Races at Longchamp (c. 1867) by Edouard Manet

Races at Longchamp - Edouard Manet - c.1867

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Artwork Information

TitleRaces at Longchamp
ArtistEdouard Manet
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions43.7 x 84.5 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationArt Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
Location Created France
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About Races at Longchamp

Édouard Manet’s painting ‘Races at Longchamp’ is a captivating impressionist piece created in 1867. It depicts the races at Paris’s newly-built Longchamp track, and was originally part of a larger work showing various activities around the races. There are several jockeys portrayed in the painting, all racing past the finish line.

Manet’s depiction of the scene is stunning and realistic; he captures not only the visual aspects of what he sees but also conveys the emotion of those present with his use of vibrant colors and energetic brushstrokes. The painting is an excellent example of Manet’s skill as an impressionist, as he captures movement and energy with delightful brushwork while staying true to reality.

As well as Races at Longchamp, Manet also produced another masterpiece – ‘Portrait D’Emile Zola’ – in 1868. This painting was a portrait of novelist Émile Zola and served as one of Manet’s most highly regarded works. The painting provides insight into Manet’s ability to render realistic portraits from lifelike sources; his subjects look relaxed and comfortable but convey a strong presence on canvas. Together, these two pieces are testament to Manet’s creative flair for re-creating scenes of everyday life in a realistic yet emotive way that leaves viewers spellbound.

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