Rack Picture For William Malcolm Bunn (1882) by John Peto

Rack Picture For William Malcolm Bunn - 1882 - by John Peto

Artwork Information

TitleRack Picture For William Malcolm Bunn
ArtistJohn Peto
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions24 x 20 in.
Current LocationNational Museum Of American Art, Washington
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About Rack Picture For William Malcolm Bunn

The painting “Rack Picture for William Malcolm Bunn” was created in 1882 by American artist John F. Peto. It was commissioned by Bunn, a Philadelphia newspaper editor, and features his photograph, correspondence, and newspaper banner. Peto’s patrons were mostly self-made businessmen who appreciated the sentimental value of incorporating personal items into portrait paintings.

Currently, the painting is part of the collection housed at Smithsonian American Art Museum. The artist used oil paints to create an excellent quality piece that has withstood the test of time. Though there are no major exhibitions featuring Peto’s work presently, hand-painted reproductions of “Rack Picture for William Malcolm Bunn” are available for sale as wall art and other products.

In summary, “Rack Picture for William Malcolm Bunn” is a stunning example of how paintings can be personalized to reflect an individual’s life through materials such as photographs and correspondences. With its unique features such as a newspaper banner and personal photographs from clients’ lives in its creation process, it offers something completely different to similar pieces from this period making it perfect for both art collectors or anyone who appreciates great artwork.

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