Railroad Train (1908) by Edward Hopper

Railroad Train - Edward Hopper - 1908

Artwork Information

TitleRailroad Train
ArtistEdward Hopper
Dimensions20.3 x 25.4 cm
Art MovementNew Realism
Current LocationAddison Gallery of American Art (Phillips Academy), Andover, MA, US

About Railroad Train

The artwork titled “Railroad Train” was created by the artist Edward Hopper in the year 1908. This oil on canvas piece measures 20.3 x 25.4 cm and is categorized within the landscape genre. It adheres to the New Realism movement and currently resides at the Addison Gallery of American Art, which is part of Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, USA.

“Railroad Train” by Edward Hopper depicts a locomotive in motion, captured at a close range. The composition focuses on part of the train, displaying a carriage with its wheels obscured by the motion and the smoky environment that enshrouds the scene. The painting is rendered with a muted palette, characteristic of Hopper’s style during this time, emphasizing browns, grays, and muted yellows. The train seems to emerge from the left side of the canvas, moving towards the right, signifying progress and the dynamic industrial age of early 20th-century America. The landscape around the train is portrayed with minimal detail, giving the viewer a sense of the swift passage through space, while the smoke billowing from the train engine adds a sense of movement and power to the static image. Hopper’s work captures the industrial energy and the romance of railway travel of the period, translating it into a visual form that resonates with the viewer’s sense of nostalgia and the transformative power of technology.

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