Reading (1994) by Gerhard Richter

Reading - Gerhard Richter - 1994

Artwork Information

ArtistGerhard Richter
MediumOil on linen
Dimensions(72.4 x 102.2 cm)
Art MovementNew European Painting
Current LocationSan Francisco Museum of Modern Art

About Reading

The artwork titled “Reading” is an oil on linen creation by Gerhard Richter, dating back to 1994. As a representation of the New European Painting movement, this figurative piece showcases Richter’s distinctive style and nuanced approach to his subject. Measuring 72.4 x 102.2 cm, the artwork presently graces the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, offering viewers an opportunity to engage with the rich textures and intimate scene captured by the artist.

In “Reading”, the viewer’s attention is immediately drawn to the focal point, which is a woman absorbed in reading. The artwork conveys a sense of tranquility and concentration. The figure is depicted with a soft, almost blurred technique that contributes to the overall impressionistic quality, yet still retaining a photorealistic essence that is characteristic of Richter’s work. The palette is subdued, with warm tones that envelop the figure and highlight the act of reading as a quiet yet powerful moment captured in time. The woman’s profile is elegantly rendered; her hair is neatly tied up, implying a moment of personal leisure or intellectual engagement. The painting exudes a contemplative aura, inviting viewers to ponder the narrative behind the moment Richter has introspectively rendered onto linen.

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