Reading girl (1922) by Henri Matisse

Reading girl - Henri Matisse - 1922

Artwork Information

TitleReading girl
ArtistHenri Matisse
Dimensions28 x 35 cm
Art MovementPost-Impressionism
Current LocationMusee d'Art Moderne de Troyes, Troyes, France

About Reading girl

The artwork “Reading Girl” by Henri Matisse, dating back to 1922, exemplifies the Post-Impressionist movement. Measuring 28 x 35 cm, this genre painting captures a moment in daily life and is currently housed at the Musee d’Art Moderne de Troyes in Troyes, France.

The artwork portrays a woman engaged in the act of reading. Her attention is entirely absorbed by the printed material before her, as she delicately turns a page. She is depicted as sitting at a table with a vase of lush, colorful flowers to her right, adding a vibrant contrast to the scene. Both her arms rest on the table, reinforcing her immersion in her reading activity. The round table hosts not only her book but also a plate with what appears to be food, suggesting a casual, perhaps domestic, setting. The background appears simple and subdued, allowing the viewer to focus more on the woman and the objects with which she interacts. The brushwork varies throughout the composition, with loose and expressive strokes characterizing the flowers and the woman’s attire, adding to the impressionistic quality of the work. The colors are muted with occasional splashes of brighter hues, contributing to the harmonious and introspective atmosphere of the scene. The woman’s posture and the intimacy of the moment are captured with a degree of simplification typical of Matisse’s style during this period, reflecting his transition towards greater abstraction in his later works.

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