Reclining Figure: Angles (1979) by Henry Moore

Reclining Figure: Angles - Henry Moore - 1979

Artwork Information

TitleReclining Figure: Angles
ArtistHenry Moore
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About Reclining Figure: Angles

Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure: Angles, created in 1979, is a remarkable bronze sculpture that embodies the female form’s sensual curves while referencing the natural landscape. The piece is part of a limited edition of nine plus one casts, making it an incredibly valuable artwork. Its creation was influenced by the rolling countryside surrounding Moore’s studio and home at Perry Green.

The reclining figure motif was an essential element to Moore throughout his career. He found its tensions, asymmetry, and oppositions ideal for creating endless variations of form. His exploration of this theme in Reclining Figure: Angles exhibits his ability to capture the human figure’s essence using abstract forms.

Moore’s choice of bronze as the medium signifies his deep appreciation for traditional materials commonly used by sculptors throughout history. As a result, this sculpture has become an enduring masterpiece symbolizing art’s continuity across different eras.

In conclusion, Reclining Figure: Angles is a testament to Henry Moore’s impressive creative genius and skillful manipulation of traditional mediums to present new perspectives on the human figure. Its significance in representing traditional techniques makes it a crucial piece for modern art enthusiasts seeking to explore historical artistic styles and their transformations over time.

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