Reclining Model (c.1873) by Albert Joseph Moore

Reclining Model - Albert Joseph Moore - c.1873; United Kingdom

Artwork Information

TitleReclining Model
ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Datec.1873; United Kingdom
Dimensions47.8 x 29.8 cm
Art MovementAcademicism
Current LocationClark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, US
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About Reclining Model

The artwork titled “Reclining Model” is an oil on canvas painting created by the artist Albert Joseph Moore around the year 1873 in the United Kingdom. This piece is a prime example of Academicism, an art movement known for its adherence to classical forms and tradition. The painting has modest dimensions of 47.8 by 29.8 centimeters and can be classified under the genre painting category, which typically depicts scenes of everyday life. This particular artwork is held in the collection of the Clark Art Institute, located in Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States.

“Reclining Model” depicts a serene scene of a woman lying down in what appears to be a state of rest or contemplation. She is draped in a flowing, translucent pink garment that loosely covers her form, resting on a couch adorned with rich blue textiles. The fabric of the couch exhibits ornate detailing and a delicate fringed edge that adds to the luxurious feel of the setting. The woman’s pose is relaxed and natural, her right arm languidly stretched out while her left hand is tucked under her head as a makeshift pillow, suggesting an intimate and unguarded moment.

In the background, the cool tones of the blue couch contrast with the warm, coral hue of the drapery behind her. There is also a delicate balance and harmony of forms represented through the arrangement of the items within the composition. To the right, a tall blue-and-white vase containing a structured, decorative plant extends upward, drawing the eye and providing a vertical counterpoint to the horizontal figure of the woman. Additionally, on the couch, there is a small vase with a bouquet of red flowers, introducing another splash of vibrant color that serves as a visual accent. The attention to detail, texture, and careful interplay of colors in this painting are typical of Moore’s style and of Academicism, which showcased technical skill and often idealized representations of subjects.

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