Reclining Tahitian Women (1894; France) by Paul Gauguin

Reclining Tahitian Women - Paul Gauguin - 1894; France

Artwork Information

TitleReclining Tahitian Women
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1894; France
Dimensions60 x 98 cm
Art MovementCloisonnism
Current LocationNy Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Denmark

About Reclining Tahitian Women

The artwork “Reclining Tahitian Women” by Paul Gauguin was created in 1894 in France, reflecting the Cloisonnism movement in art. This oil on canvas piece measures 60 by 98 centimeters and falls under the genre painting category. The genre it depicts is primarily concerned with representing scenes of everyday life. This particular piece is housed at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The artwork presents a vivid and colorful scene of two Tahitian women reclining casually outdoors. In the foreground of the composition, one woman is seated looking off to the side, her back partially turned towards the viewer, while the other lies on her stomach facing away, her head resting on her folded arms. Their relaxed poses and the setting evoke a sense of serenity.

Bold, flat areas of color and minimal shading, characteristic of the Cloisonnism style that Gauguin is known for, dominate the piece. There are strong outlines around the subjects, reminiscent of stained glass. The color palette is rich and saturated, consisting of purples, blues, and vibrant earth tones, which create a harmonious and somewhat dreamlike atmosphere.

Incorporating floral motifs, which decorate the clothing of one woman and are scattered on the cloth they are resting on, points to the influence of the natural surroundings and the integration of local culture into the work. The background is populated with additional figures that engage in various activities, contributing to the narrative of daily life and the leisurely atmosphere of the setting. The interplay of the exotic and the mundane, a hallmark of Gauguin’s oeuvre, is thus beautifully captured in this artwork.

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