Red And Black: The Fan (1891-94) by James Whistler

Red And Black: The Fan - James Whistler - 1891-94

Artwork Information

TitleRed And Black: The Fan
ArtistJames Whistler
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions187.4 x 89.8 cm (73 3/4 x 35 3/8 in.)
Current LocationHunterian Art Gallery, University Of Glasgow
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About Red And Black: The Fan

Red and Black: The Fan is a portrait painting by James Whistler that dates back to 1891-94. This oil on canvas artwork measures 89.8 x 187.4 cm, depicting a woman holding a black fan against a red background. As an Impressionist piece, it emphasizes the harmony between light, form, and color.

James Whistler was associated with the Aesthetic Movement and drew inspiration from Edouard Manet and Diego Velazquez’s work. He sued John Ruskin for libel after Ruskin criticized one of his paintings as “flinging a pot of paint in the public’s face.” Despite his quarrelsome demeanor, Whistler is a significant figure in Victorian art.

Red And Black: The Fan belongs to Whistler’s notable works, which also include Symphony in White, No.1: The White Girl; Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1; Portrait of the Artist’s Mother; and Nocturne in Black and Gold. The painting’s simple yet elegant design exudes beauty while representing femininity through its subject matter.

In conclusion, Red And Black: The Fan is an iconic portrait painting by James Whistler that showcases the beauty of simplicity in design while emphasizing harmony between light, form, and color. As one of his famous works along with other pieces such as Symphony in White or Portrait of the Artist’s Mother , it highlights feminine aesthetics through its subject matter depicted by a woman holding up her black fan against the striking red background.

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