Red Dawn (2017) by Arun Prem

Red Dawn - Arun Prem - 2017

Artwork Information

TitleRed Dawn
ArtistArun Prem
MediumOil, Charcoal on Canvas

About Red Dawn

“Red Dawn” is a captivating artwork by Arun Prem, created in the year 2017. This piece was brought to life using oil and charcoal on canvas, rendering it with a sense of depth and texture. The artwork measures 58×58 inches, and it belongs to the realism art movement, with the primary subject matter revolving around animals.

The artwork presents a vivid scene populated by three figures that appear to have semi-abstract forms and stylized contours, standing beside an animal. The use of color is striking, with the red background creating a bold contrast to the figures and the animal, which are portrayed in cooler tones of blue, green, and elements of warmer colors like orange. The brushstrokes seem expressive, contributing to the painting’s dynamic aesthetic. Despite being described as part of the realism movement, the rendition of the subjects leans towards a more abstract interpretation, where the figures and the animal are simplified, yet discernible. The composition suggests a narrative or an interaction between the figures and the animal, potentially invoking various interpretations from the viewer. The juxtaposition of the vibrant colors against the deep red backdrop echoes the title “Red Dawn,” possibly alluding to the dawning of a new day full of life and energy. The artist’s signature is evident in the lower right corner, affirming the authenticity and creatorship of the work.

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