Red hat (1886; Paris, France) by Paul Gauguin

Red hat - Paul Gauguin - 1886; Paris, France

Artwork Information

TitleRed hat
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1886; Paris, France
Art MovementPost-Impressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Red hat

The artwork titled “Red hat” is a creation of Paul Gauguin from the year 1886, during his time in Paris, France. This piece is an oil on canvas composition and is classified within the Post-Impressionism art movement, specifically in the genre of still life. Currently, the artwork is held in a private collection.

The artwork features vibrant and expressive brushwork that is characteristic of Gauguin’s style. In the foreground, a red hat with a bold black interior dominates the composition, resting on an angled plane that suggests a tabletop or similar surface. Beneath the brim of the hat, three fruit, which appear to be apples, are clustered together, their rounded forms and varied hues adding a naturalistic contrast to the otherwise inanimate subject. The background is delineated by swift, directional strokes of blues and greens, further emphasizing the hat as the focal point of the artwork.

There’s a suggestion of depth in the artwork achieved through the interaction of shadow and light, creating a sense of space around the objects. The overall effect is one of robust color juxtapositions and dynamic forms that both ground the work in the recognizable, while also allowing for a certain departure into the interpretive and emotive qualities that typify Post-Impressionist works.

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