Red sun (2023) by Jean Mirre

Red sun - Jean Mirre - 2023

Artwork Information

TitleRed sun
ArtistJean Mirre
MediumOil, India Ink on Canvas

About Red sun

The artwork titled “Red Sun” is a distinctive oil and India ink painting on canvas by artist Jean Mirre, completed in 2023. Measuring 16.1 by 13 inches, the piece is an exemplification of expressionism within the landscape genre. Through its gestural application of media and vibrant chromatic choices, the painting seeks to convey more than a mere representation of natural scenery, instead aspiring to evoke emotional resonance with its viewers.

The composition is dominated by an intense, red orb that one can surmise to represent the sun, setting the overarching tonality of the landscape. Surrounding this central figure is an explosion of color that brings life to the canvas through what appears to be a dense thicket of vegetation. The textural quality of the brushwork and palette knife provides a tactile element to the foliage, inviting viewers to explore the surface variations. In the background, a house with a pointed red roof nestled among this lush garden suggests a scene of rural tranquility. The structure is simplified and stylized, in keeping with expressionistic tendencies to prioritize emotional effect over realism.

Dominating the lower quadrant of the artwork is what may be interpreted as a rolling hill or path, providing a visual foundation that grounds the otherwise vibrant and almost dream-like upper portions of the landscape. The contrasts between the warm reds and the cool greens and whites enhance the dynamism and depth of the composition, resulting in a piece that is engaging both visually and emotionally.

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