Reflection of the Big Dipper (1947) by Jackson Pollock

Reflection of the Big Dipper - Jackson Pollock - 1947

Artwork Information

TitleReflection of the Big Dipper
ArtistJackson Pollock
Dimensions111 x 91.5 cm
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism,Action painting
Current LocationStedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Reflection of the Big Dipper

“Reflection of the Big Dipper” is an abstract painting by Jackson Pollock, created in 1947 and currently held in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The artwork measures 111 by 91.5 centimeters and is an exemplar of the Abstract Expressionism and Action painting movements. This piece epitomizes the genre of abstract art, wherein the composition is devoid of direct references to the physical world, challenging the viewers to engage with it on an emotional and intellectual level.

The artwork itself is characterized by a dense web of dripped and splattered paint, a hallmark of Pollock’s iconic drip painting technique. Streaks of black paint dominate the composition, creating a tangle of lines that seem to dance and weave across the canvas. Beneath this network, hints of vibrant yellows, reds, and purples add complexity and depth to the piece. Speckles of various colors suggest frenetic energy, a visual manifestation of the artist’s dynamic painting process. The background, though obscured by the dense overlay of paint, appears to be a muted blend of colors that serves as a canvas for Pollock’s explosive gestures. The resulting composition is a striking example of the spontaneity and expressive power for which Pollock became renowned.

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