Relief of Hesi-re by Egyptian Art

Relief of Hesi-re - Egyptian Art -

Artwork Information

TitleRelief of Hesi-re
ArtistEgyptian Art
MediumAcacia wood
Dimensions86 cm
Current LocationEgyptian Museum, Cairo

About Relief of Hesi-re

The Relief of Hesi-Re is an Egyptian artwork created during the Third Dynasty. It is a sculpture in relief and can be found in the tomb of Hesy-Re, located in the northern part of Saqqara. This tomb is significant due to the advancements made in the structure and decoration of tombs. Hesy-Re was known for his colorful wall paintings that were discovered inside and outside his tomb.

Egyptian art often utilized relief sculptures in both secular and non-secular contexts. These sculptures were frequently painted after completion. The decoration of tomb walls with reliefs or painted scenes was thought to ensure the perpetuation of life. In a temple, mural decoration was believed to magically ensure the performance of important ceremonies.

In the Relief of Hesi-Re, Hesy-Re is shown seated before an offering table with his writing utensils consisting of a palette, ink bag, and brush holder. Egyptian art was designed to represent socioeconomic status and belief systems. They used the technique of sunken relief, and the main figures in reliefs adhere to the same figure conventions as in painting.

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