Rembrandtesque Figure and Cupid (1969) by Pablo Picasso

Rembrandtesque Figure and Cupid - Pablo Picasso - 1969

Artwork Information

TitleRembrandtesque Figure and Cupid
ArtistPablo Picasso
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions162 x 130 cm
Current LocationPicasso Collection, Lucerne

About Rembrandtesque Figure and Cupid

Pablo Picasso’s “Rembrandtesque Figure and Cupid” is an oil on canvas painting created in 1969. The artwork, which is part of the Surrealism style, features a Rembrandt-esque figure surrounded by clouds and a cherubic Cupid. The piece can be found at the Ludwig Museum in Koeln.

Picasso was a Cubist Spanish painter known for his influential art pieces that changed how people viewed art. While this painting may seem different from many of his other works, it still contains his unique style and perspective. This piece was created later in his career when he had moved away from the Cubist movement.

Interestingly, this painting was part of the Spanish pavilion at the Paris World’s Fair in 1937, where Picasso’s famous “The Weeping Woman” was also exhibited. “Rembrandtesque Figure and Cupid” offers an interesting contrast to this earlier work as it focuses more on traditional figurative representation rather than abstract shapes.

In 2010, another painting by Picasso titled “Peintre Rembrandtesque Avec Son Modèle” sold at Sotheby’s for USD 6,250. It featured a similar theme but with a slightly different composition. This particular piece is also available for purchase as a museum canvas giclee print or original piece sold by TheBurntDownShack on Etsy.


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