Remembering Picasso (2015) by Raquel Sarángello

Remembering Picasso - Raquel Sarángello - 2015

Artwork Information

TitleRemembering Picasso
ArtistRaquel Sarángello
MediumAcrylic, Oil on Canvas
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About Remembering Picasso

The artwork “Remembering Picasso” by Raquel Sarángello dates back to 2015 and is an acrylic and oil painting on canvas, measuring 32.7 by 32.2 inches. It belongs to a scandalous genre within the Pop Art movement.

The artwork exudes a vibrant pop art essence with its vivid colors and emotive subjects. It features two central figures, predominantly female, rendered with distorted features reminiscent of Picasso’s signature cubist style. The figure on the right stands out with a face composed of fragmented shapes and contrasting hues, capturing the viewer’s attention with its unconventional beauty and bold presence. The colorful background comprised of bright pinks, oranges, and blues establishes a dynamic and almost musical rhythm, enhancing the painting’s vivacity. Given its stylistic choices and thematic nod to Picasso, the painting is both a tribute to the iconic artist and a modern reinterpretation of his revolutionary approach to portraiture and abstraction.

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