Repercussion 4 (1965) by Alberto Magnelli

Repercussion 4 - Alberto Magnelli - 1965

Artwork Information

TitleRepercussion 4
ArtistAlberto Magnelli
Art MovementAbstract Art
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About Repercussion 4

The artwork entitled “Repercussion 4,” created by artist Alberto Magnelli in 1965, is an exemplar of the Abstract Art movement. As an abstract piece, it does not represent reality in a literal sense but instead uses shapes, colors, and forms to achieve its effect.

The artwork showcases a complex interplay of geometric forms and lines against a muted background. A variety of shapes, mostly angular and overlapped, create a sense of depth and tension within the composition. Dominant colors include shades of grey, black, white, brown, and a hint of blue, contributing to the piece’s overall balance and contrast. The boundaries between the shapes are defined by sharp lines, some of which are bold and thick, while others are more delicate and thin. Despite the abstract nature, there appears to be a semblance of structure and order in the way the elements are arranged. The composition is dynamic, suggesting movement and energy, hence the title “Repercussion,” which implies an impact or an ongoing effect. The date ’65’ in the signature indicates the year of its creation, providing context to its historical artistic lineage within the abstract genre.

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