Resonar (2023) by Graham Eldridge

Resonar - Graham Eldridge - 2023

Artwork Information

ArtistGraham Eldridge
MediumAcrylic on Canvas
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About Resonar

The artwork “Resonar” by Graham Eldridge was created in 2023. This contemporary piece is an exemplar of abstract art that aligns with the minimalism movement. It is rendered in acrylic on canvas and measures 35.4 by 47.2 inches. Eldridge’s use of bold color and form presents an austere yet visually compelling composition that captures the minimalist ethos.

Upon observing the artwork, one’s attention is immediately drawn to the meticulous arrangement of geometric shapes and the striking use of color. The colors used are highly saturated, featuring a prominent use of stark blues, reds, and a contrasting minimalist palette that includes hues of yellow and soft blues. The composition is organized around a series of vertical stripes that dominate the center of the canvas, flanked at the top and bottom by horizontal bands of color which frame the vertical elements and provide a grounding, architectural balance.

The interaction between the vertical and horizontal is rhythmic, suggesting a sense of movement within a static medium. The juxtaposition of warm and cool colors creates a visual vibrancy that resonates with the title “Resonar,” evoking a sense of sound waves or frequency patterns oscillating across the surface. Despite its simplicity, the piece is dynamic and evocative, inviting contemplation on the part of the viewer. The clean lines and flat planes of color are characteristic of the minimalist movement, which often emphasizes the physicality of the materials and the spatial relationships within the artwork itself.

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