Rest for the soul. Peach, blue, lila, orange. (2024) by Karibou

Rest for the soul. Peach, blue, lila, orange. - Karibou - 2024

Artwork Information

TitleRest for the soul. Peach, blue, lila, orange.
MediumAcrylic, Lacquer on Canvas

About Rest for the soul. Peach, blue, lila, orange.

The artwork titled “Rest for the soul. Peach, blue, lila, orange.” is an abstract piece created by the artist Karibou in the year 2024. The medium employed consists of acrylic and lacquer applied to a canvas, measuring 31.5 by 39.4 inches. The piece is classified under the genre of abstract art and is influenced by the art movement of surrealism.

The artwork presents an intricate dance of vibrant hues and fluid shapes that coalesce in a dynamic composition. Swirls of peach, blue, lilac, and orange hues intermingle, suggesting a sense of motion that is both serene and stirring. The brushstrokes appear spontaneous and energetic, evoking a dynamic rhythm that resonates with the title, suggesting an experience of rejuvenation for the soul.

The layering of colors produces a rich tapestry of shades, with some areas where the colors merge gently and others where they contrast sharply, creating a visual feast that engages the eye. The luminous quality of the lacquer interspersed within the artwork enhances the depth and adds a glossy sheen to the surface, which lends the piece an additional dimension of sensory allure. The essence of the work lies in its ability to convey emotion and stimulate contemplation through its abstract form, exemplifying the surrealism movement’s aim to unlock the imagination beyond the conventional reality.

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