Resting II (2005) by Aaron Shikler

Resting II - Aaron Shikler - 2005

Artwork Information

TitleResting II
ArtistAaron Shikler
Art MovementNew Realism
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About Resting II

Aaron Shikler, a renowned American artist of the New Realism style, created ‘Resting II’ in 2005. The painting depicts two figures in a field, one laying down, and one seated. It features ochres, blues, reds, and greens in its palette.

Shikler was known for his portraits of statesmen and celebrities. He painted several recognizable individuals like Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, and Lauren Bacall. His works exhibited great detail and precision that were characteristic of his style. Shikler’s strong grasp of form brought life to his subjects while capturing their personality with impeccable accuracy.

‘Resting II’ showcases the theme embraced by many artists – an authentic moment captured on canvas. By featuring a character enjoying their well-deserved respite from work in nature’s serenity is relatable to many people worldwide. This impressionistic piece stands as evidence to Shikler’s artistic prowess that places viewers right where they are; underneath the shades near the worker stands after a long laborious day spent under the scorching sun.

In conclusion,’Resting II’ is an exceptional work that demonstrates Shikler’s expertise in bringing out realism through intricate detail in human figures against natural backgrounds while capturing true moments. It’s an example that shows how classic pieces can be effective at evoking calmness among observers while envisioning genuine reality.

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