RETALES (2023) by David García Rincón

RETALES - David García Rincón - 2023

Artwork Information

ArtistDavid García Rincón
MediumAcrylic, Graphite on Canvas


The artwork titled “RETALES” is a contemporary piece created by artist David García Rincón in 2023. Executed using a combination of acrylic paint and graphite on canvas, it measures 39.4 by 39.4 inches. The genre of the artwork is conceptual, while it contributes to the abstract art movement. This synthesis of media and style makes it an enigmatic and modern expression of the artist’s vision.

Observing the artwork reveals a rich tapestry of patterns, colors, and shapes that interact with one another, forming a cohesive yet complex visual experience. The canvas is divided into a series of geometric and organic forms that seem to coexist without adhering to any strict representational logic. The use of repetitive patterns within the shapes, such as dots, lines, and waves, introduces a rhythm to the piece, almost musical in its quality.

Dominant tones within the artwork are muted, with an emphasis on earthy ochres, deep greens, and cool blues, while accents of warmer hues, such as reds and yellows, provide a striking contrast. Taupes and shades of brown add a grounding element to the composition. These color choices create a sense of depth and suggest a variety of textures that may evoke a tactile response from the viewer.

While no explicit subject is depicted, the artwork’s title “RETALES” could allude to a narrative of fragments or scraps interwoven to narrate a story or represent a concept through its abstract form. The intentional positioning of each element demonstrates the artist’s control over the medium and the conceptual purpose of the piece. The abstraction allows viewers to project their personal interpretations and emotional reactions onto the artwork, making it a mirror for the inner subjective experience of each individual observer.

In summary, “RETALES” by David García Rincón is an abstract, conceptual artwork that invites viewers into a richly patterned and colored world, fostered by the artist’s adept use of acrylic and graphite on a sizable square canvas. Its composition dares the observer to delve into its abstract depths and discover personal meaning amidst its conceptual framework.

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