Reunion en plein air (1719) by Jean-Antoine Watteau

Reunion en plein air - Jean-Antoine Watteau - 1719

Artwork Information

TitleReunion en plein air
ArtistJean-Antoine Watteau
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions60 x 75 cm
Current LocationGemaldegalerie, Dresden

About Reunion en plein air

Reunion En Plein Air is one of the major works of the French Rococo artist Jean-Antoine Watteau. This painting, which was completed in 1719, features a Pierrot, standing and dressed all in white, surrounded by a multitude of other figures. The painting symbolizes reunions which are common among societies everywhere. The painting is not only pleasant to look at but also characterizes the Rococo art movement that focus on the use of light colors and cheerful themes.

Reunion En Plein Air offers viewers an enchanting vision of celebration and delight and represents an optimistic view of life during the 18th century. It is widely regarded as one of Watteau’s iconic works and continues to captivate audiences today. It stands as yet another example of Watteau’s exceptional talent for depicting emotion through light and color.

In addition to Reunion En Plein Air, Jean-Antoine Watteau also produced Plaisirs D’Amour in 1719. This painting follows a similar theme to Reunion En Plein Air but with a different narrative – this time featuring dancing couples at a country picnic celebrating love through music, movement and joyous celebration. This playful yet detailed piece stands as an equally charming example of Watteau’s skillful artwork.

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