Rhythm Pounder – African Art

Rhythm Pounder - African Art -

Artwork Information

TitleRhythm Pounder
ArtistAfrican Art
Dimensions(91.5 cm)
Current LocationPrivate collection

About Rhythm Pounder

The Senufo people in Ivory Coast are recognized for their artistic sculptures, prominently the Rhythm Pounder. This sculpture was primarily used in funerary rituals and initiation ceremonies for male elders. The Rhythm Pounder was held in the upper arms and pounded on the ground to mark the rhythm. Both male and female Rhythm Pounders were used to purify the pathway for the deceased and call upon ancestral spirits.

Senufo art is typically detailed with various ornamentations such as scarifications on the body, coiffures, and jewelry. The female Rhythm Pounder is typically featured and thought to contemporaneously represent the primordial couple. Another form of art related to Rhythm Pounders is the Pombia figures, which are used to commemorate the recently deceased Poro elders, ensuring that they will have a safe passage into the land of ancestors.

Overall, the Rhythm Pounder sculpture exemplifies the Senufo culture and their art of conveying important ritualistic ideas through their sculptures. Through the use of Rhythm Pounder sculptures, specific events and notable figures are remembered and celebrated for generations.

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