River near Abbeville (1894; France) by Eugene Boudin

River near Abbeville - Eugene Boudin - 1894; France

Artwork Information

TitleRiver near Abbeville
ArtistEugene Boudin
Date1894; France
Dimensions46.5 x 55 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About River near Abbeville

The artwork titled “River near Abbeville” was crafted by the eminent artist Eugene Boudin in the year 1894, originating from the culturally rich country of France. This piece is executed using oil as its medium and embodies the principles and aesthetics of the Impressionism movement. The artwork measures 46.5 by 55 centimeters in size and is classified under the landscape genre. Presently, it resides within a private collection, attesting to its exclusivity and value.

In “River near Abbeville,” the viewer is presented with a serene depiction of a river landscape, which is characteristic of Boudin’s style and his commitment to painting en plein air. The gentle flow of the river is captured with soft, loose brushstrokes that reflect the fleeting, transient qualities of light and atmosphere, a hallmark of the Impressionist movement. The sky is rendered with a dynamic array of colors, suggesting the play of light through clouds, while the water below mirrors this luminescence and the subtle variations of the sky’s hues. Flanking the river are robust, leafy trees to the right, their greenery a stark contrast against the soft sky, and a small, human presence can be noted by the structures and boats on the distant left bank, quietly nestled into the landscape. The composition, while peaceful, is imbued with a sense of immediacy and natural beauty that invites contemplation and an appreciation for the simplicity of the riverside scenery.

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