Roofoverval Op Een Wagen (1634) by Hendrick Avercamp

Roofoverval Op Een Wagen - Hendrick Avercamp - 1634

Artwork Information

TitleRoofoverval Op Een Wagen
ArtistHendrick Avercamp
Art MovementBaroque
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About Roofoverval Op Een Wagen

The artwork “Roofoverval Op Een Wagen” was created by the Dutch painter Hendrick Avercamp in the year 1634. Avercamp, who lived between 1585 and 1634, was known for his detailed and vibrant works, and this particular piece is no exception. It is executed in the Baroque style, which was prevalent during that period and is characterized by its dramatic, intricate, and ornate qualities.

The drawing depicts a scene of a robbery taking place on a wagon, capturing a moment of action and tension. The dimensions of the original work are 10.9 × 16.6 cm, and it is part of the collection at the Kupferstichkabinett in Dresden. This piece stands out as a prominent example of Avercamp’s sketches and studies, showcasing his ability to convey narrative through his art.

In summary, “Roofoverval Op Een Wagen” is a significant historical artwork by Hendrick Avercamp, created in 1634 and reflecting the Baroque style. It is preserved in Dresden’s Kupferstichkabinett and can be accessed online for public viewing and study, contributing to the legacy of Avercamp’s contribution to the world of art.

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