Room in New York (1932) by Edward Hopper

Room in New York - Edward Hopper - 1932

Artwork Information

TitleRoom in New York
ArtistEdward Hopper
Art MovementSocial Realism

About Room in New York

The artwork “Room in New York” was painted in 1932 by the artist Edward Hopper. It is an oil on canvas painting that forms part of the genre painting tradition within the Social Realism art movement, known specifically within a series of ‘Couple’ paintings by Hopper.

In “Room in New York,” the artwork captures a quiet moment between a couple in an interior setting. The scene is distinctly urban, likely a snapshot of daily life in a New York City apartment. Two figures are present in the painting: a man seated at a table, deeply absorbed in reading a newspaper, while a woman, dressed in a vibrant red, is seated at a piano, seemingly distracted from the sheet music before her. The room is characterized by strong contrasts of light and shadow, with sunlight streaming through the window and accentuating the yellow of the walls and the red of the woman’s dress. The open door in the background and the partially seen dark exterior offer a sense of depth and raise questions about the world outside this intimate interior space. There’s a palpable sense of stillness and introspection as the individuals appear engrossed in their separate activities, highlighting themes of isolation and the complexity of personal relationships. This poignant scene, rendered in Hopper’s signature style, invites viewers to ponder the private lives and inner emotions of the painting’s subjects.

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