Rose Beuret (1880) by Auguste Rodin

Rose Beuret - Auguste Rodin - 1880

Artwork Information

TitleRose Beuret
ArtistAuguste Rodin

About Rose Beuret

Rose Beuret was more than just a model to the renowned sculptor, Auguste Rodin. She was his companion for over 50 years and often served as his caretaker. Beuret’s uneducated background didn’t diminish her contributions as she maintained Rodin’s studio in their early days and provided support throughout his life.

Rodin honored Beuret in art, creating a final portrait of her known as the Mask of Rose Beuret or Mme Rodin, which is on display at the Musée Rodin in Paris. In addition to this sculpture, he also captured her essence in paintings such as Rose Beuret where he depicted her seriousness and intensity. The bronze sculpture Two Hands at the Rodin Museum bears inscriptions of both Rose’s and Rodin’s hands suggesting they are lovers.

While much focus has been given to Rodin’s famous works such as The Kiss, The Thinker, and The Age of Bronze amongst many others transformed depictions of simple human moments into paragons of high art., it is important to acknowledge the role that Beuret played throughout his long career. Her presence also influenced how he conveyed emotions through his creations.

In conclusion, while there may not be much recorded history on Rose Beuret alone apart from her relationship to Auguste Rodin it cannot be denied that their partnership had a profound impact on each other artwork-wise; one informed by intimacy with each other. Their legacy is still alive today through their work which can be viewed at Musée Rodinas well as many private galleries around the world

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