Rouen at spring (1884; Déville-lès-rouen / Maromme / Déville, France) by Paul Gauguin

Rouen at spring - Paul Gauguin - 1884; Déville-lès-rouen / Maromme / Déville, France

Artwork Information

TitleRouen at spring
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1884; Déville-lès-rouen / Maromme / Déville, France
Art MovementImpressionism

About Rouen at spring

The artwork titled “Rouen at Spring” was created by the artist Paul Gauguin in 1884. The piece was painted in Déville-lès-Rouen, Maromme, and Déville, located in France. This oil on canvas exemplifies the Impressionist movement, known for its approach to capturing light and immediate impressions. A cityscape by genre, the artwork captures the essence of Rouen during springtime.

In the artwork, viewers are presented with a lush and verdant scene characteristic of spring. The foreground shows a pathway speckled with hints of red and green, suggesting the presence of flowering plants and vegetation. This path leads the eye towards buildings that are partially obscured by the thick foliage of trees. The trees themselves, which dominate the composition, are depicted with a sense of liveliness and natural growth, their branches reaching out expansively.

The color palette is rich with greens, yellows, and earthy tones, which are interwoven to create a tapestry of spring vibrancy. The brushwork appears quick and textured, conveying the fleeting moment of seasonal change. It suggests the atmosphere of a tranquil garden or a hidden corner of the city, untouched by the bustle of urban life. The artwork renders a sense of tranquility and the rejuvenating power of nature, inviting viewers to appreciate the ephemeral beauty of the spring season as captured through Gauguin’s Impressionist lens.

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