Rouen, the Pont Corneille, Fog Effect (1896; France) by Eugene Boudin

Rouen, the Pont Corneille, Fog Effect - Eugene Boudin - 1896; France

Artwork Information

TitleRouen, the Pont Corneille, Fog Effect
ArtistEugene Boudin
Date1896; France
Art MovementImpressionism

About Rouen, the Pont Corneille, Fog Effect

The artwork titled “Rouen, the Pont Corneille, Fog Effect” is an oil painting by Eugene Boudin, created in 1896 in France. As a representative piece of the Impressionism movement, this cityscape genre work captures the atmospheric qualities of light and the ephemeral nature of the moment.

The painting portrays a view of the Pont Corneille bridge in Rouen, shrouded in a soft layer of fog that diffuses light and color. In the foreground, a series of boats and barges are moored along the riverbank, the calm waters reflecting the grey tones of the overcast sky. Small figures can be observed on the boats, going about their daily tasks, revealing a snapshot of life by the water. The bridge itself is depicted in subdued hues, its arches fading into the fog-laden background, while the city’s architecture looms faintly, blending with the misty environment. Boudin’s brushwork is loose and expressive, characteristic of the Impressionist style, giving priority to the overall impression of the scene over meticulous detail.

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