Rue Transnonain, 15 April 1834 (1834) by Honore Daumier

Rue Transnonain, 15 April 1834 - Honore Daumier - 1834

Artwork Information

TitleRue Transnonain, 15 April 1834
ArtistHonore Daumier
Dimensions28 x 44 cm
Art MovementRealism

About Rue Transnonain, 15 April 1834

The artwork titled “Rue Transnonain, 15 April 1834” was crafted by the artist Honore Daumier in the year 1834. This work is a lithograph measuring 28 by 44 centimeters and is categorized within the history painting genre, aligning with the Realism art movement.

The lithograph depicts a disturbing scene from a violent event that occurred in Paris on the date referenced in the title. It reveals a domestic interior that has been disrupted by a tragic event. Central to the artwork is the figure of a man lifelessly sprawled across the floor, his shirt soaked in blood and his body positioned with a disturbing limpness that is indicative of death. His expression, captured in the artwork, is one of a haunting, frozen grimace, suggesting the abrupt and violent nature of the encounter that led to his demise.

Close to the central figure, there appear to be other casualties; notably, one can discern the poignant and harrowing image of a small child, partially visible underneath the man’s body, implying that the violence spared no one, not even the most innocent. Scattered household items and furniture, a toppled chair near the man’s outstretched hand, and disheveled bedding contribute to the sense of chaos and disorder within the scene, emphasizing the merciless aftermath of the repression.

The composition employs strong use of chiaroscuro, with deep shadows and stark highlights, to convey the somber mood and intensity of the moment. This technique, along with precise and evocative detailing, aptly serves the artist’s intent to critique the brutal government repression of the time and elicit an emotional response from the viewer. As a history painting rendered in the realistic style, Daumier’s lithograph serves as both a form of visual documentation and a powerful political statement.

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