Ryders House (1933) by Edward Hopper

Ryders House - Edward Hopper - 1933

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Artwork Information

TitleRyders House
ArtistEdward Hopper
Dimensions91.8 x 99.99 cm
Art MovementSocial Realism
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About Ryders House

The artwork entitled “Ryder’s House” was created by Edward Hopper in 1933. This oil on canvas painting measures 91.8 by 99.99 centimeters and is a fine example of the Social Realism art movement. The genre of this piece is classified as landscape.

Upon observing the artwork, one is presented with a depiction of an isolated structure set against a vast, open landscape. The painting features a house which is the central subject, marked by its stark white walls and contrasting red-roofed extension. The two chimneys punctuating the sky suggest the presence of hearth and home, yet the lack of visible windows on the front facade creates a sense of solitude or abandonment. Surrounding the house, the undulating hills roll gently into the background, which is defined by a sky brushed with wispy clouds. The use of light and shadow is particularly notable, as it emphasizes the contours of the land and the starkness of the dwelling. The palette is dominated by earthy tones, imbuing the scene with a feeling of warmth despite the isolation. Overall, the artwork communicates a sense of quietude and introspection, characteristic of Hopper’s exploration of American life and landscapes.

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